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Rich Habits by Thomas Corley

There is always room for improvement. Cultivating ‘rich habits’ will help improve your ability to manage your finances and other important areas of life; such as your health and career aspirations. Below is a summary of rich habits which were identified by Thomas Corley in his published book.

  1. Form and follow good habits each and every day
  2. Set goals for the long-term and break them down into years, months and days. From this, focus on your goals each and every day
  3. Embrace and commit to self-improvement every day
  4. Make your health a priority. Exercise on a regular basis and eat well
  5. Form lifelong relationships. Keep in touch with your family and friends
  6. Do everything in moderation to preserve your sanity
  7. Adopt a “DO IT NOW” mindset to help accomplish your goals
  8. Engage in rich thinking every day. Read and keep up to date with the occurrences around the world
  9. Commit to saving a proportion of your gross monthly income
  10. Control your thoughts and emotions each day. You are in control

Source of Information:

  1. Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. By Thomas C. Corley.

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