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7 Steps To Help You Think & Grow Rich

Thanks to the internet and rapid technological advances, the vast majority of today’s current millionaires and billionaires are self-made. Success has never been more accessible than ever!

In order to get where they are today, they had to ‘think rich’ before they were able to ‘grow rich’. Just like with anything else in life, you need the right mind-set to achieve your intended goal. To illustrate this point further: you cannot exhibit confidence if you do not believe you can be confident. It all starts with mind-set. Your thoughts determine your actions/outcomes.

With this point in mind, seven key steps were identified as essential for creating the foundations of all achievements and the building of wealth.

  1. Desire
  2. Belief
  3. Self-Affirmation
  4. Specialised Knowledge
  5. Imagination
  6. Planning Ahead
  7. Minimising Procrastination


1. Desire: 

The desire to achieve your goals regardless of the obstacles or challenges life throws at you. It’s all about having that “I will never give up” attitude. This is the driving force behind achieving all major life accomplishments.

2. Belief:

The belief that you can become rich/achieve your goal. Whether you think you can, or cannot – you’re usually right! This showcases the importance of exercising the right mentality and belief of being able to achieve your goals; no matter how daring or scary they may be.

3. Self-Affirmation: 

Your thoughts can either hold you back or move you forward towards your goal. To put it simply, your thoughts determine your life outcomes. Hence the importance of being utterly obsessed and devoted to achieving your life goals.

4. Specialised Knowledge:

There are two types of knowledge: general and specialised. General knowledge is usually gathered through school and college, whilst specialised knowledge is often achieved after the pursuit of further study. Having specialised knowledge will help maximise your ability to generate further income. This is because there are usually more generalists as opposed to specialists within the market. When the demand for specialists exceeds the supply of specialists, you’ll be able to demand/charge more premium rates for your work. For instance, a general dental surgeon will be less financially compensated in contrast to an orthodontist (there are more general dentists than there are orthodontists within the market). As a result, it will be easier for an orthodontist to raise their rates for their work; in comparison to a general dentist. This yet again demonstrates the importance of developing specialised skills/knowledge via the means of self-directed learning; obtaining relevant experience within the industry and the qualifications to enhance your value in the market. Find your niche and become a specialist in that particular area of work!

5. Imagination:

In order to set yourself apart from the crowd and saturated job market, you have to think, look and be different. Being different involves an element of creative (imaginative) thinking. Do not be afraid to exercise your imagination when creating or reviewing your career/business plans. Differentiate yourself from the crowd.

6. Planning Ahead:

The ability to plan ahead by breaking down the necessary steps to achieve an established goal is critical. Set intentional goals, then work backwards to create a plan to help you achieve your intended goal. Action must be taken by employing relevant decisions in order to get you closer to achieving your intended goals. With relevance to this, the ability to be persistent and resilient during times of adversity will ultimately determine whether you will achieve/reach your goals.

7. Minimising Procrastination: 

Procrastination is the number one killer of dreams and goals. Minimising procrastination is crucial when seeking to achieve your goals/dreams. To combat this, take action to cultivate and strengthen your ability to remain disciplined. Getting things done no matter how you feel is key to achieving success.


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