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3 Traits of An Irreplaceable Employee

A report involving CEOs identified three traits which distinguished irreplaceable employees to average performing employees within a company’s workforce. Fortunately, these traits were not based on academic ability nor specialising in a very technical area – it was their attitude towards work.

Firstly, irreplaceable employees lack drama. They don’t complain. They don’t ask for attention. They don’t gossip. They do, however, perform their jobs without any need for attention or validation from their peers. They perform their jobs with skill, focus and passion.

Secondly, irreplaceable employees exhibit razor-sharp focus to complete any task at hand. They get things done – they do not dwell, they just do it. Deliberate action creates intentional results.

Lastly, irreplaceable employees have great initiative, confidence and are internally motivated. They do not wait for authority or be told what to do. Goals are achieved as the irreplaceable are self-motivated to do the work which will ultimately help them get closer to fulfilling their goals.


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