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5 Ways To Build An Incredible Personal Brand

  • Position and market yourself as the only choice at what you do.
  • View your competitors as collaborators. There is no such thing as competition once you make yourself invaluable. Work with your competition, not against them. With this approach, all sides win as you’ll be endorsing each other’s work.
  • Sales and marketing is all a numbers game. With this point in mind, ensure that you publish content on your e-newsletter and social media accounts on a regular basis in order to capture your targeted market’s attention. Create one-minute videos, eBooks and checklists which are easy to digest online. Consistency is key to sustaining and building your following.
  • Engage with your audience and be accessible to your followers. This can be in the form of mingling at conferences, responding back to emails or staying behind events to answer any pondering questions.
  • Be yourself. The right people will follow and support you for being you.


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