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Become an Outlier: 5 Tips To Help You Escape The 9-5 Rat Race

What do normal people do? They work “9 to 5” and live for the weekends. There’s nothing wrong with living an ordinary life; unless you want to escape the rat race. If you’re tired of being underpaid, over (or under) worked whilst navigating through politics in the office – you’ll need to create your own business which will help you move away from the rat race.

  1. Adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Cut back on your spending habits and get rid of anything that may hinder your progress towards escaping the “9 to 5” cycle. Live like you don’t know where and when your next paycheck will come from. When starting your own business, keeping your expenses low is key in order to survive whilst you to build and develop your venture.
  2. Believe in yourself. Whether you believe you can or cannot, you’re usually right. Mindset is so important. It is critical you hold the belief that you’re in fact able to make money on your own without having to work a “9 to 5” job. If you cannot convince yourself, how will you convince prospective clients to work with you? Let’s dig deeper, the median UK annual gross salary in April 2017 was revealed to be £28,600! That’s £550 per week or £110 per day if you work 5 days a week. When you break this down, starting your own business doesn’t seem so scary at all.
  3. Be willing to work more than 40 hours per week. If you want to escape the “9 to 5” cycle, you’ll have to put in the hours to make it happen. Work smart and work hard (a phenomenal combination to have). Use your time wisely; don’t be afraid of hard work.
  4. Wake up every morning with a deliberate purpose. Monday mornings are no different to any other morning during the week. Quit complaining and just get things done. Every morning is another opportunity to work on your business.
  5. Create value for your clients. When you have a “9 to 5” job, it’s so easy to just do the absolute minimum. Why put in the extra value and effort if you’re still getting paid the same? In contrast to running your own business; your reputation and the quality of your work is important. Businesses will only survive when they provide and create immense value for their clients.


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