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3 Tips To Help Effectively Manage Client Expectations

Every client is unique with their own expectations. In order to prevent burn out and conflict in different expectations between you and your client, the following three tips could be applied to help reduce the likelihood of disagreements from arising altogether.

  1. Be selective when deciding to take on new clients

Working with clients who do not share the same expectations as you do is a huge burden. It will cost you time, money and your sanity. Having high expectations is fine, but your client’s expectations must be reasonable. If they are not a good fit for the services or products you provide, let them go.

  1. Create a contract to establish set boundaries

A contract will outline what work will be done, relevant timescales and their expectations. If the client requests further work or increases their expectations which were not originally agreed upon, you can use the contract as the point of reference. This helps to prevent disagreements, whilst also providing you with the opportunity to ask for additional fees for any extra work or expectations you may incur.

  1. Document conversations in writing

Any discussions with your client in person or by phone should be noted and filed away safely. One great way of doing this is to send the client an email which summarises what exactly was discussed and how things will proceed based on the discussion. By doing this, both sides will receive a copy of the discussion – if anything was misinterpreted, your client will be able to respond back to clarify any misunderstanding (which will also be on record for you both).


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