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3 Ways To Help Refine Your Business & Earn More

  1. You can’t be great at everything. Identify your small area of expertise. This will be your niche and core area of business. For instance, instead of “consulting”, target “real estate consulting within the UK”. The more specific the better as it will be easier to become a recognised expert in your particular field of interest.
  2. Quality over quantity. With regards to having a following and fan base, less is sometimes more. A small list of people who are genuinely interested in your brand is far more valuable than a large list of people who have no interest in buying or working with you.
  3. Skills pay the bills. Develop and strengthen your skills every day so you’re able to demand higher prices. Focus on your strengths, then when it is viable to do so – outsource the things you’re not so good at. Your strengths are where the majority of your “money making” time should be allocated. Time is precious, use it wisely every single day!


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