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3 Major Challenges When Starting & Operating a Business

Starting your own business is risky but can offer many rewarding challenges. Hang on, you may ask yourself how can challenges ever be rewarding? Put simply, adverse times are learning opportunities and where immense growth takes place. Below are three key challenges when starting and operating any business endeavour:

  1. Remaining disciplined

With a business, there is no one hovering over you or telling you what’s right or wrong and what to do. You’re on your own which can be both exciting and somewhat scary at the same time. For instance: if you mess up on a project; it’s all on you. There is no manager or senior person to bail you out. If you excel and deliver, you reap what you have sowed. Remaining disciplined to do the work whilst remaining accountable for executing your ideas into tangible results can be challenging. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

  1. Being an all-rounder

When you’re starting or operating a business, you’ll need to put in the effort to understand and grasp the basics of everything. From accounting, sales, marketing, copywriting, coding & more – business demands skills across a variety of disciplines. Having the strong desire to learn things quickly and possessing the ability to incorporate necessary changes into your business does help. However, it doesn’t neglect the fact that at some point in your business journey, you’ll have work within areas of the business that you’re not so good at in order to keep the business going. Strive to be an all-rounder.

  1. Taking action

Progress makes us happy. You have an idea. You implement it and see it through. Sounds relatively simple, doesn’t it? However, in the real world – we are all prone to distractions and procrastination. These two variables will develop character and will truly test you in how much you want your business to succeed. Whilst the majority are distracted and procrastinating from what needs to be done in order to make great progress in their endeavours, you’ll be taking action to see things through. Remember the old saying: action speaks louder than words. So take action today!


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