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3 Steps To Position Yourself as A High Value Freelancer

The more value you provide, the more people you’ll be able to serve.

  1. Find and expose problems

Research a business and look for problems you can then solve. For instance, if you’re a web designer – review company websites and look for problems which you can provide a solution to. Clearly, this involves a lot of grunt work as you have to prep and present your solutions well. Nonetheless, be willing to work hard as you have to go above and beyond to secure clients who are convinced that your services/products solve their identified problem.

  1. Position yourself as the expert

Experts command a premium. You position yourself as an expert (and build your reputation upon this) via two ways: a) Deliver immense value in your services/products that exceed the needs and expectations of your clients.  b) Think outside the box when solving problems;  using creativity will help set yourself apart from the competition and position yourself as “that expert”.

  1. Continually invest in your skills

Learning doesn’t stop once you finish school. Aim to become better every single day at what you do. Clients appreciate quality work and enjoy working with others who continually make the effort to develop themselves, improve their skill sets and business products/services.

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