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Buying a home or making the right property investment is hard and confusing, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if you had property investments that could build you wealth on autopilot whilst you are busy living life on your own terms?  

Even beginners can take the profitable path towards building long-term wealth using only 5 fundamental investment approaches which has been outlined within this book. The power of leverage has helped hundreds of investors make profitable property investments. I showcase exactly how this is achieved by weighing out the benefits and risks of using leverage within property investing.  


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Key areas which will be covered:

“This book comprehensively covers the basics of becoming a real estate investor. From assessing where you stand financially, to analysing a strategy based on financial expectations and aversion to risk, Tuan provides a concise, clear guide from which action can be taken. It would be particularly helpful to those without experience in the field, as it breaks down the technical terms into understandable language, without the flashy get-rich-quick feel of other books.” H. M. Featherstone – UK

What Others Are Saying

“Very informative - especially to those with no insight into property investing.”
Lu Cas - Sydney (Australia)
"A step by step approach to find out which kind of an investor you are. From there, the start of a journey that guides you how to excel in property investing."
Annie Watson - Bristol (UK)
"Tuan provided a very friendly service with a quick turnaround to all of my queries concerning property."
Sarah Pham - Birmingham (UK)
"Incredibly helpful. It's an inviting book, even for people who only understand layman's terms."
Dawn Mendoza - Dubai (UAE)
"Tuan was a very motivated, determined and smart student in my class. He did very well in each module and achieved a lot during the one year of study. I believe he will be able to offer professional real estate consultations to his clients."
Dr. Yishuang Xu - Manchester (UK)
"I would gladly recommend Tuan as a person you can trust and depend on."
Neil Ramos - Sydney (Australia)

About the Author


Tuan Tran

Tuan is a graduate of The University of Manchester after completing a RICS accredited MSc degree in Real Estate Asset Management.

During his time at university, Tuan secured summer internships at Cushman & Wakefield and Broadgate London; which enabled him to obtain commercial real estate experience in Manchester and London respectively.

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